FIFA World Cup 2022 prize money explained: How Qatar 2022’s $440 million pot will be divided

The FIFA World Cup is the most significant award available to any soccer player. Not for financial reasons. It’s all about national pride and becoming the best team globally. However, prize money is still on the line for the teams playing in the World Cup. FIFA announced earlier this year that the total prize pool for Qatar 2022 would be $440 million, with the winning team receiving $42 million. The prize pool had grown since the 2018 World Cup when France won $38 million of the total $400 million pot.

Who gets the prize money?

FIFA distributes prize money to each team’s national association. The English Football Association, for example, receives the award money for England. FIFA does not directly provide award money to players. However, it is common for some nations to divide a portion of their winnings among the playing squad.

Prize money distribution for the FIFA Men’s World Cup in 2022

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1st prize – $42 million

2nd prize -$30 million

3rd prize – $27 million

4th prize – $25 million

5th – 8th (ousted in quarter-finals) – $17 million each

9th – 16th (ousted in the round of 16) – $13 million each

17th – 32nd (ousted in the group stage) – $9 million each

In addition to the prize money above, FIFA provided each national team with $1.5 million before the competition to cover initial expenditures.


  1. Why is the World Cup 2022 held in November?
    Due to the heat, the 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar during the winter rather than the summer.
  2. Who is No 1 in the FIFA ranking?
    The number one team in FIFA is Brazil, with 1841 points.
  3. How many countries have qualified for the World Cup?
    The 32 teams are divided into eight four-person groups. During the first stage, each team once plays the other team in its group. Every group’s top two advances to the round of 16. Following that, the World Cup is a single-elimination tournament.

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