Watch: Lionel Messi’s Wife Recreates Argentina Captain’s “What Are You Looking At” Rant From Netherlands Game

Unhappy with Netherlands manager and their players’ behaviour, Lionel Messi had slammed Dutch striker Wout Weghorst on camera after the FIFA World Cup quarter-final

Lionel Messi post-match rant, slamming Netherlands star Wout Weghorst after the FIFA World Cup 2022 quarter-final went viral on social media. Messi, who was giving an interview to a journalist after the game, called Weghorst a ‘fool’ on camera, expressing his frustration over certain on-field matters pertaining to the Dutch team and the referee. Now, a video has emerged in which Messi’s wife Antonela Roccuzzo could be seen recreating her husband’s rant, as she was on her way back from the stadium.

“Que miras, bobo? Que; miras, bobo?… Anda para alla”, Messi could be heard saying in Spanish after the match against Netherlands. The comment roughly translates to, “What are you looking at you fool?”.

In the following video, Antonela could be heard saying something similar while returning from the stadium with her family.

“Go there,” says Messi’s brother, laughing with Antonela as she imitated the Argentina captain. “What are you looking at, fool? What are you looking at?” she seemed to have said in the video.

Messi was infuriated over certain matters on the field as well in the build-up for the game. The 7-time Ballon d’Or winner also slammed Netherlands coach Louis van Gaal for allegedly targeting him and his team before the match.

“I feel disrespected by Van Gaal after his pre-game comments and some Dutch players spoke too much during the game,” Messi told the press. “Van Gaal sells that he plays good football and then he puts forwards in the box and starts throwing long balls. We deserved to go through and that’s what happened.”

“I don’t want to talk about referees because then they will sanction you, but we were scared before the game because we knew what was coming [with Mateu Lahoz],” Messi said about the referee in the game. “I can’t say what I think, but FIFA have to look at this. [FIFA] cannot put a referee like that on this game when he is not up to the level.”

A disciplinary proceeding was also opened up against Argentina and Netherlands following the clash between the two teams’ players and staff in the quarter-final.

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